Paris, Richelieu

PARIS, Richelieu

Richelieu Store, 69 rue de richelieu, 75002
Open daily from 11:00am to 7:00pm.

Conciergerie, 67 rue de richelieu, 75002
Temporarily closed. 

Paris, Richelieu
The brightly lit space, designed by Valériane Lazard, features rounded lines and a monochromatic palette that invites attention to detail, the pursuit of the perfect shade, and an appreciation for the beauty of the material.

Bathed in natural light from its entrance, the boutique offers a soft and inviting atmosphere that extends along either side of a column with Polène carved into it.

A custom palette of beiges covers the walls from floor to ceiling.

Exclusive pieces are interspersed throughout the boutique. The furnishings have been painted and then lacquered by the Destroyers/Builders studio, creating subtle variations in tone. A grandiose-yet-dignified niche presents a circle of light with pleated leather columns.

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