The packaging for Polène’s jewelry collections has been meticulously designed to present the jewelry in a simple yet distinctive box that keeps it protected.


Pebble-shaped molded-paper box

Specially designed for Polène jewelry, the traditional box has been reimagined in the shape of a pebble. The design is inspired by the minimalist style as well as organic shapes found in nature, reflecting the House’s values. The pebble-shaped box is made from 100% recycled paper pulp and comes in three different sizes to suit a variety of jewelry designs. It is made of a single material and requires no glue, making it both stylish and environmentally friendly.

Cotton pouch

The jewelry is placed in a 100% cotton pouch for protection. Necklaces, chains, and pendants are held in place by elastic bands to prevent tangling. The earring pouch has two separate pockets to separate the pair and keep the two earrings from rubbing together.

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